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PachiPara 14/PachiPro Fūunroku 6 Opening (English Subs)


TL;DR info for song stuff: “Hana” (「花」literally “Flowers”) by Mai Iida (飯田舞). Before you ask, yes, it’s the exact same opening song as the one featured in the previous game, but set to different visuals. Great game, but totally built on a limited budget.

This is the opening movie to PachiPro Fūunroku 6, a charming, fully fleshed-out open-world RPG mode for Irem’s PachiPara 14 on the PS2, released only in Japan. Way better than it has any right to be for something bundled with a seemingly throwaway pachinko simulator, PachiPro Fūunroku 6 takes the gameplay of pachinko, which is mostly optional outside of story progression, even for making money (!), mixes it with a life simulator RPG where stats such as hunger and cleanliness affect your gambling prospects, and garnishes it with an surprisingly touching, yet often hilariously well-written story about you, a male or female Pachinko Professional (PachiPro for short), on the lam from a gambling circle that’s falsely accused you of swindling money. Designed in part by Kazuma Kujo, a man who you might better know for Steambot Chronicles and the Disaster Report series, this is truly one of those games that can’t be judged by its cover and if you know Japanese, it’s well worth checking out just for the sheer spectacle of playing an alleged pachinko game actually worth caring about.

I decided to do karaoke subtitles for the opening mainly for funsies because I love the song, but I’m also contemplating doing a full-blown LP of this game and its prequel one of these days, so I figure this is also just good prep work to take care of sooner rather than later. As my followers probably know already, the English lyrics are hardly a literal translation, instead emphasizing thematic consistency, but as a bonus, these lyrics should roughly line up well to the music timing and structure-wise, so, you know, if you’re one of those YouTubers that likes to do English covers of Japanese songs, there you go? No need to ask me for permission ahead of time if you use these lyrics as long as you credit me somewhere in your video or the description and, likewise, feel free to edit the lyrics as you like. I don’t normally do song translations, so I’m sure there are places that could be improved!

PachiPara 14/PachiPro Fūunroku 6 Opening (English Subs)


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