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Pneuma: Breath of Life – Full Game Walkthrough + All Puzzle Solutions & Achievements! – Speedrun


Pneuma: Breath of Life - Full Game Walkthrough + All Puzzle Solutions & Achievements! - Speedrun

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  1. Maka, I would like to say I appreciate your time and effort in making this videos you have helped me with many games I really appreciate it thank you Maka.

  2. This game should be banned. It's going against people's religion about God and I don't agree with it.

  3. I truly did enjoy this game, the puzzles were very challenging and it added to the enjoyment of the game once you finished a puzzle because you felt accomplished after beating a really hard one. But the puzzles were only a part of this game, the message behind this game truly made the game, makes you really think about your own existence and consciousness like no other game could execute. There's no other way to talk about this game to someone other than telling them-"Just play it."

  4. Did the hardest puzzle in level 5 in under a minute, but that piece of shit tile puzzle was fucking hard.

  5. Thank you for this speed run! I've been meaning to get back to fully complete this game but I couldn't get passed some parts!
    Highly appreciated!!

  6. Whatever story or life lesson this game had was lost on me because I spent several days trying to solve the stupid "tile changes when you don't look at it" puzzle before I gave up. It literally gave me impossible combinations of the tiles so I couldn't solve it. I'm not surprised it was free for a time.

  7. your guides are the best around…..i'm curious what your gamerscore is. maka uses load time to pop a soda and hum the jeopardy theme song.

  8. 32:38 as soon as i got to this bit, i went down under the bridges an just climbed to the end… all the bridges completed themselves… :]

  9. Maka91Productions you make amazing videos. You help me get through games when I'm stuck. Keep up the good work.

  10. 37:40 I was stuck on that thx. I honestly was screwed there although I figured the opposite rooms I still had problem how to place this image. If it was inverted or no if I should turn the collours opposite. It was starting to mindfucking me so here I am another cry baby xD

    PS: Story is kinda dissapointing.

  11. Really enjoyed this game, not something I would usually buy however it was free with gold and I would definitely get a sequel.

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