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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009/2010 Xbox 360 Gameplay (NEW)


This is the new gameplay video for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on the xbox 360… and it look very good!!!
The release date across Europe for PES 2009 will be October 17th on PS3/360/PC with other versions coming out later. Second week in October, same time as every year then.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009/2010 Xbox 360 Gameplay (NEW)


  1. this is still the best soccergame ever!!!!!! 2010 is so stupid bec. the pass-mode and the reactiontime… on 1 console there isnt anything better yet for 1v1 games… – fifa 2010 is not even that good than pes1(99)..

  2. @SpeedStacking1 maybe he played fifa heard about this game and searched up a video and realised fifa is better

  3. this game is fucking shit, i mean it its fucking shit.. dont worry im not fifa fan, im pes fan and im playing pes 2009 a lot, and i hoped 2010 will be as good as 2009 but they made it fucking garbage, unplayable piece of shit.. forgot about word quick action, the players need fucking 10 seconds to pass, running is worse than patient's, i dont know about shooting since i cant come to theirs goal (top player) but i doubt its good, dont buy, donwload this fucking SCAT porn, stick to 2009

  4. i like both fifa and pes but i think pes is better because the gameplay is faster only thing wrong with pes is the names of the club

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