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PS4 Games coming to PlayStation Now. PS3 Production Ending in Japan. – [LTPS #248]


PS4 Games coming to PlayStation Now. PS3 Production Ending in Japan. - [LTPS #248]


  1. They will never let them go to PC because they'll be able to still make money off of the games, when the ps5 comes out the ps4 games will have a high demand because they'll be playable on the ps5 as well as streaming them too on PS now only if you have the PlayStation 4 or 5 because they make money from these games still, when they don't make as much money they go to ps now

  2. Accessing the PC gaming market makes a lot of business sense. However, streaming it is kinda awful, because games have extremely high performance requirements, and that extra lag is nuts. Game streaming also can't make use of emerging tech like IPFS (which is the protocol that will likely bear most of the responsibility for making the internet faster in future, not increasing bandwidth). It's probably not going anywhere useful any time soon.

    I think you also missed the point entirely when it comes to emulation. Sony doesn't need to do any emulation. What they need to do is figure-out how to compile code that was targeted for one architecture to another (and they aren't starting from nothing, since we have things like just-in-time compilation and LLVM). Since the Cell architecture is vastly different from x86, that is an extremely tall order, and it's fraught with other problems, namely optimization because of the different characteristics of the two designs (cache line width, cache sizes, instructions, and so on). This is why developers who released games on both PS3 and PS4 often had to put a lot of effort into porting the games.

    This is an entirely different story when it comes to porting PS4 games to PC. The CPU architecture is the same (x86-64 with some customizations, that presumably they know about and can account for). The GPU architecture is largely the same (semi-custom Radeon, which means AMD likely would have quite a few ideas on how to port to PC and DX12). It's all very samey. The amount of work required is much smaller, putting it into the realm of practically doable. If Sony could build the tools to get most of the hard stuff done, developers could concentrate on performance tuning (there are a lot of exceptionally bright people in this field; they can get it done, no question).

    Emulation of the PS4 is a stupid idea., but native code is definitely in the realm of possibility now that the two platforms share more things than they don't. Just look at Microsoft. (Granted they had a much easier time of it since they have much more experience with their own software, obviously, but it's doable.)

    If Sony has the brains to tap into the PC gamer market, they could make a killing. Lots of us would be glad to pay for their games; they've got some great ones.

  3. I think Sony is going to offer PS4 games that are older like knack or Killzone Shadowfall. If they did it would kill off the used game market where Sony and developers don't make any money.

  4. PlayStation 3 emulation has advanced rapidly in the past few months. Games like Persona 5 can boot (albeit only run at 5fps), and others such as Disgaea 4 and Catherine are fully playable (even Demon's Souls is playing at about 20fps, so it's almost there). With the RPCS3 Patreon page getting over $1000 a month, PS3 emulation seems like it's coming sooner rather than later. If a small team of programmers can build a PS3 emulator in their spare time, surely Sony with all their manpower could create an emulator for the next PlayStation console to add PS3 BC.

    The real issue is that they won't do it, not because of how difficult it would be, but if they did make an emulator for backward compatibility, then they couldn't sell you their PS NOW streaming service. If PS NOW didn't exist, we most likely would have gotten PS3 BC at this point (although it probably wouldn't be able to run on standard PS4 hardware). It could have even been a selling point for the PS4 Pro. PS1, 2, 3, PSP and Vita BC, along with enhanced PS4 games. Now that would sell like hotcakes.

  5. I got till Friday to have as much fun on nier which I got last friday until horizon wish my luck ryan

  6. So you're telling me that random people on the internet are able to create a working (not flawless, but working) ps3 emulator, but Sony, with all the access to the hardware and the software they need can't?! Man, I like your vids, but seriously, don't defend a corporation!

  7. Well, if connection could hold, PSNow would be the best idea in the world. I like keeping my games "in my house", but when I see that I can get 400+ games for 100$ a year… it's 25 cents per game, big or small, interesting or not. Since they always add more, there's little chance I could ever get bored even playing only those that I like.
    But then again, connection doesn't follow (yet?), multiplayer reflex-based games that I don't care about are really sensitive even if connection works only "decently" and maybe games that I care about won't go on there "quickly". But if it was available in my country, for that price with decent servers and bandwidth, it's easily a great service. But we still have years to wait before that stability hits the ground.

  8. using.a wifi only tablet to.download media from netflix for on the go makes sense. if sony could have it where it could be a temporary download vs streaming for no latency, it could work. but its sony. great ideas and poor execution…

  9. Thanks for putting the work in. I still wanna know how many different Y/R shirts you have. Anyways I'd subscribe to PS Now™ if it were a little cheaper. Maybe $10 a month. But I'm not a rabid gamer that'll spend 40 hours a week hogging up their servers. I think a pay as you go would be ok. I remember they offered that option but again it was too much. The 7 day trial was fun though. See ya next Friday.

  10. I agree. Ps now would be awesome 5 or 10 years from now. It would be awesome now if I had fast enough internet to stream games, but for now I prefer Xbox because you download the game and own it forever, it takes awhile to download but that's ok.. if I had hella high speed internet I'd prefer to stream but I can't..

  11. ps now should be more like steam where they control the prices of their downloads allowing continued play from pc to cnsole

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