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PS4 vs. Xbox One: Launch Games and Beyond


PS4 vs. Xbox One: Launch Games and Beyond


  1. oh my I have a Xbox one I'm switching to PS4 I mean PS4 pro and PS4 the graphics are a little better so I'll buy PS4 and PS oh my they shits on Xbox when it comes to games and graphics I swear me having a Xbox all they come out with is arcade games

  2. Now that i see, the xbox one launched with more games than the ps4, but from all those games the ones really looking nextgen were Rise and Forza, the rest just looked like ports, on the contrary the ps4 had less launch games but those are the only one that still look nextgen, funny…, the xbox one didnĀ“t launch with a first person shooter, and the ps4 did launch with Killzone Shadow fall,….. P.S., Naomi is a goddess

  3. I do remember 2013, what a magical year, God of War Ascention, The Last of Us, GTA V, Beyond, all technical masterpieces for the ps3, and yet was the ps4 launch, and so many promises at E3, and yet over the years the magic was slowly diying, the dreadful 2014, the mediocre 2015 and finally the dead at start of 2016, still waiting for greatness…

  4. hi guys im choosing between ps4 and xbone. But the games i like is more on shooting and adventure. What do you guys think hashave a better shooting games and adventure in both consoles. Thanks for the answers

  5. lmao I like both consoles but all u ps4 fanboys saying it has better up coming games your wrong the ps4 Will be better for u if u like stupid ass indie games but if u like hard core shooting games with multiplayer and some other fun exclusives then go with Xbox one plus as most people will admit xbix one has the better online services now dint get me wrong games like infamous and killzone are good but the order really wasn't tht good and kill zone should have died a while ago along with uncharted at least with halo they give u New story New multiplayer and a campaign tht u can get into along with the other games but keep this in mind u buy the console for games if u like little indie games ps4 is for u but if u like multiplayer fps and other mass killing games Xbox one is for u

  6. i think ps4 won even that it has better game now ps4 will have better games just like last jen ps3 won and ALSO PS4 GOT WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER GRAPHIC'S

  7. Really looking for a X1 but some ,,Youtubers" say that PS4 gets more fps. Thinking of both consoles i am going for a X1 cause of Halo and cool looking cod aw bundle.

  8. I Bought an Xbox one… I like it and everything but I can honestly say that Ps4 have better games out and that coming out….I definitely should have thought my decision all the way threw!

  9. I'm getting the ps4 because they run better and the controller is better but even though xboxs are pieces of crap they have games like Titanfall and halo that nothing can beat! I play titanfall at my cousins house all the time, best shooter out there! Plus we all know halo is amazing! I wish playstation could compete with those games but HMU with that new stars wars battlefront tho! That's all ill be playing when that comes out!

  10. See I can't choose they both look so good Xbox one has halo and ps4 has kill zone and ps4 is faster but it is just so hard to choose

    I never had neither of the two so I can't compare them so start talkin'!

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