Home Xbox Forum Question for xbox fans (targeted specifically at Sony haters)?

Question for xbox fans (targeted specifically at Sony haters)?


Do you have any Sony products in your household? If so, does this make you feel like a hypocrite?

(this question is not meant to be offensive in any way)
By the way I asked this [url is not allowed]

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  1. Yup i have a PSP,PS2, a PS3 a sony alarm clock, sony stero and a sony TV

    And a Xbox 360,


    But i like sony and MS

  2. i like sony, they make good products. i just don’t like any PlayStation’s because of the controller. imo its a crappy design, with 2 analog sticks right next to each other is annoying.

    Thats why i like the 360, the onlines good and the controller’s good. and it has good games. Go MS!

  3. I have the ps2 but I do not like the ps3 for one thing there game play sucks blue-ray is no big deal. online is so laggy (and who really wants to have a computer on a gaming system)

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