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RBI Baseball 16 Gameplay: First Impressions | Cubs vs. White Sox | XBOX ONE


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RBI Baseball 16 Gameplay: First Impressions | Cubs vs. White Sox | XBOX ONE


  1. I hope XBOXONE users have fun with a 19.99 baseball game while I get my MLB THE SHOW 17 Jays franchise going on my PS4 PRO on my Sony Bravia 49 X800D 4K HDR televison #RBIBASEBALL 17 LOL LOL #XBOXONE(S) LOL LOL

  2. just was looking up some baseball gameplay for Xbox stumble across your Channel. You actually have something going here I I would highly recommend you playing Mario maker it is a massive game people of all ages and types go there to watch people play that game several YouTubers have made their career by making the jump to Mario Maker. You have the personality to do it which is the only reason why I say something. If you look at this YouTube thing as a business my question to you is why not? hopefully I'll see you here soon with some larger numbers but you aren't my thumbs up and sub for now 😉

  3. Very similar to Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run on SNES. Good game but you would expect a lot more on a modern console.

  4. It's on easy and I can't beat the computer.. fuck this cheating ass game, nothing I hate worse than a CPU that cheats.

  5. Every time I hit the ball it's a pop up and the computer catches it.. Every.. goddamn.. time…

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