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Resident Evil: Revelations XBOX 360 HD Review


*NO SPOILERS* (Watch In HD) This is my review of Resident Evil: Revelations for Xbox 360 and now that its on home consoles, we can finally enjoy the game for what its worth. All the footage was recorded by me, and I did not want to show a lot of important sequences in the game.

Resident Evil: Revelations XBOX 360 HD Review


  1. Nice review of a truely awesome game , thanks to this game i became a 3ds and a Nintendo fan , i bought this game twice and the awesome book later, yet when i got the pc port i felt so disappointed the grahpics were sharp and it had a couple of dlc's but the game atmosphere and sound were really bad, Not that there is a problem with the sound but rather in some area's where there should be a soundtrack for the environment there is non, and i didn't like the fact they removed the small fun chatting with your partner there was no point in that, i didnt finish the game on pc cuz it made me feel off and i returned playing it on the 3DS , the control are similar but you choose to aim with the camera instead of targeting the game became more fun and better in my opinion ^.^

  2. What's the chronological order to play the Resident Evil Games? Firstly should I play until the 6th and then I play this one? I want to folow the history.

  3. Played this on my pc and the graphics was stunning despite its size, most games goes over 15 gig or more but for a game that has the 7.20 gig size it's a very amazing and satisfying hd game. The requirements for this game is low and even if you only have a 512mb graphics card it will perform well.

  4. Thinking of buying this game so I'm checking out some reviews.

    This review was pretty helpful but geeez your voice is so monotone, I can tell you are just reading what you've written off of a script, and that's fine but try to have a little enthusiasm eh?

  5. I just bought this game today, thought it would be cool, because i love Resident Evil. I like it when they combined elements of both action and horror not favouring one over thee other.

  6. In my opinion Re 4 though not as as scary as previous Resident evil games, had a near perfect balance between horror and action. What mainly made the previous Re games so scary was the limited mechanics and enemies and immersive experience, so when the mechanics improved in Re4, they had to compensate somehow with similar yet different ways of scaring people. Re5 was just action despite using a tagline on its trailers "A fear you won't forget" should have been "A fear you might never have". lol

  7. Raccoon City on the other hand was quite horrible because the game has technical issues. There was major framerate/lag issues. The graphics were not really that great compared to other RE and gameplay could have been a bit better. But there were a few cool things about it such as weapon loadouts.

    I mainly complain when a game has frame rate issues or things that make the game unplayable — not a change from horror to more action. Athough I prefer horror in Resident Evil

  8. Less horror. But I like Resident Evil 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.

    I like RE4 the best. I am a fan of Resident Evil and will admit I wish resident evil 6 was more horror, but it's still a good game. I'm not going to say it's horrible. Not the best, but not the worst.

  9. RE6 was alot of fun in terms of gameplay, especially when playing co-op. But it's overall story and level design and all those quit time events… it just didn't sit right with me and many fans of the series.
    The game was not scary, just a tiny bit the first time u play it in Leon's story, but only at the beginning of it. The rest was just too much action to a point it became silly and no longer a survival horror game.
    And believe it or not… thats all in a nutshell, i can go on and on.

  10. Because it was action packed, amazing storyline and an adrenaline rush game.

    i guess they want to be stuck in a mansion and kill a tyrant so it could be a great game.

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