Review Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 – PS4

Review Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 – PS4


Review Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - PS4

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - Review


  1. I picked this game up for 16 dollars, and holy cow it sucks. It should have been a 4.99 DLC.

  2. the original tony hawk pro skater on ps1 is by far and away the absolute best and one of the most addicting games ever created.

  3. I wanted this game to be good so badly. I've owned all the tony hawk games made by neversoft and loved them all. Some are better than others, but they were all quite enjoyable. Nothing I can say about this garbage of a game…

  4. I am a die hard Tony hawk fan since thps one on ps1 and idgaf what ppl say bout the game I'm still getting it including this asshole who came in late a big fu kys use my code and drink bleach u heartless fat cunt of a twat if it's glitches idgaf I'm having fun playing it damnit

  5. american wasteland and project 8 were also a disappointment. pro skater 3 and THUG 2 are the best games.

  6. this game is a legit troll and just goes to show you how little respect these guys have for the consumers

  7. think im gonna get out the ps1 for some thps2. this looks shit. after 10+years to improve it this is all they could manage?

  8. Just picked it up for $7 new. That's less than a $1 per level. Even if it sucks as bad as they claim, oh well.

  9. its fun to be able to play a next gen Tony Hawk. Gamestop sells for 40 used. i found it for 15 on amazon. and to me Skate was slow paced and boring. i like to pull off sick trick combos and stringing them together

  10. This game is a croc of shit, seriously skate 3 is probably the funnest skating simulation type game out there, this game is too easy, too buggy and glitchy, and just not a good game for a skate simulator title

  11. got that feeling where the arrows come in for more levels is a DLC waiting to happen

  12. That is a damn shame. I really wish they would of made either THUG 3 or American Wasteland 2. Those could of been the best Tony Hawks game to date if done right. Such a shame.

  13. Will this series ever get back on track? I mean, Tony Hawk Pro-skater is the only skateboarding series that really has anyone's attention, and yet it's constantly falling off the cliff when another installment arrives.

  14. Love the THPS games, have played all but two of them, which are 2 and 4. Been playing since the first one came out so long ago. My favorite one is 3. It is a shame to see this series going downhill like this, It needs polish and better imagining of levels, also this is a current gen game and it has so very little? It also looks no better than a ps3 title. With the power of current gen systems, you would think they could do some pretty awesome and unique things with this series, as well as make it look amazing.

  15. The soundtrack think i loved about the skate franchise is that it lets you play your own custom music. Thps 5 needs to get with the times. Maybe if this was released in 2002 it might have done average if it didnt have the glitches or even online (since the online in this game is really useless to begin with) this is it for the thps series. Its really done now

  16. Aside from the bugs it is not a bad game. People complain because the game is too ''unrealistic'' but that's the goal. They wanted to make a game that folows the series and even if they would have made a realistic game, people would have complained because the game has changed too much. This game is mainly for their fans and for the nostalgia but for the ''non-fan'' of the series this looks like sh*t obviously. So if your argument is: i hate this game because its arcade, then, your argument is invalid because thats the goal of this game but you can say that theres alot of bugs(which is true). Is this worth 60$(80$CAD)?? Absolutely NO. This game should be 20-25$ max. I liked the game because i'm a fan of the series but i get why people don't wanna buy it. To expensive and too buggy.

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