Home Videos SKYRIM / FALLOUT 4 : Gophers Mods on PS4? BAD NEWS

SKYRIM / FALLOUT 4 : Gophers Mods on PS4? BAD NEWS


I have been asked a number of times recently about the possibility of converting my mods to the Playstation 4 (PS4), but I am afraid that is pretty much not possible due to the restrictions on PS4 mods.

SKYRIM / FALLOUT 4 : Gophers Mods on PS4? BAD NEWS


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  2. Get PC jeez it`s a console and tool rolled into one hell you can even make them small then xbox one any day

  3. Wait, wait. I knew they didn't allow meshes, textures, and sounds, but SCRIPTS? What the hell, Sony?

  4. I think many are too pessimistic about what mods can be made on the PS4. E.g. I think a complex and hugely popular mod like 'Immersive Patrols' should be possible on the PS4. It does not use scripts, and it basically only uses built in assets (NPCs). Correct me if I'm wrong.

  5. Theres 30 MODS for ps4 already on bethesda webpage.
    A lot of modders see this as challenge and are doing their best to bring more MODS for PS4 despite the limitations.

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