Home Playstation Games Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Collection – PS3 Gameplay Pt.1 TRUE-1080P QUALITY

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Collection – PS3 Gameplay Pt.1 TRUE-1080P QUALITY


Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Collection - PS3 Gameplay Pt.1 TRUE-1080P QUALITY

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD - Behind the Painting Gameplay Movie

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  1. One of my favorite games. Brings back a lot of memories. I stayed up until 3:30 am playing this on PS3

  2. why dont u hang from the ledges near the stairwell u wont get seen and then u get into the grass. And stay crouched down into the grass.

  3. splintercell games are awsome one of the best stealth out there and mgs 🙂 toppest stealth schifi shooter. i have the splintercell hd colletion love it. pandora tomm and chaos are the best splitnercell games. 🙂

  4. The lighting is so flat compared to the Xbox version. The lighting in those Xbox versions of the Splinter Cell games really added to the atmosphere of them. This feels lifeless in comparison.

  5. i remember this when it comes out Xbox fans call it Metal Gear Killer  LOL T_T LOL
    btw it was fun to play

  6. When Im 2 minutes away from completing a mission, and I get too many alarms fail, or if I quicksave and very shortly after somehow I fail. These are the things that piss me off.

  7. Splinter Cell is better in terms of being a more serious stealth game, MGS is just better overall.

  8. I have a better life than you ever will. I can tell by the tone of your text that you live a sad and lonely life. It's quite ironic that you call me a 10 year old when you're the one who's using slurs and insults. Ones that are just mediocre might I add. It seems I've found yet another milestone in low human intelligence. When you leave an opinion. Expect to get confronted about it. But I can tell you're probably one of the ones who would freeze up in a real life confrontation.

  9. Wow, your explanation as to why you're makes me wonder if you actually have a life. You actually seem to think people will listen to an obvious 10 yr old telling them what to like and what not to like. Fucking retard.

  10. "MGS: No" oh please, elaborate how splinter cell is even conceviably better than Metal Gear Solid. A series that hasn't had one bad game. One gamer after another has been nothing short of phenomenal. Every title is high caliber and reviewed as such, splinter on the other hand has had numerous mediocre titles. With only a few being remotely great. As to why I'm here, I'm entitled to come onto any video to confront people who leave stupid, ignorant opinions filled with fanboy drivel. Wake up.

  11. Don't reply twice to the same comment retard or else I might not get the first. OK, Let's have a look here.
    MGS: No
    Fallout: Not better than SC (Still Good)
    Legacy of Kain and Halo: Not in a billion years.

    Also you seem to hate SC. So why the fuck are you here. Explain that.

  12. What's pathetic, is your ability to prove, time and time again that you know nothing when it comes to objectivity. Not to mention I listed 19 games below that are all superior to your precious SPC series, chaos theory being the only decent one in the series yet you still remain deluded. You don't know what makes a high caliber title. The only one to hit that mark was Chaos Theory. The rest are sub-par. You need to play more games because Mass Effect's universe and characters, alone beat SPC.

  13. I had a good laugh as soon as I saw the words "Even though Splinter Cell is already the best series." And since you seem as if you've made some kind of profound, watertight statement that couldn't possibly have a counter argument, I'll make it 20. Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, Uncharted, Deus Ex, Bioshock, Half Life, Hitman, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Elder Scrolls, God of War, Halo, Gears of war, The Witcher, Demon/Dark Souls, Max Payne, Legacy of Kain, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy. Want more?

  14. "Even though Splinter Cell is already the best series.". A bit of a far-fetched state. Everyone has an opinion, sure, but if you seriously think Splinter Cell is the "best series" you clearly haven't played many games. I could list 10 game series's that are superior to the Splinter Cell series.

  15. @Basskicker93 Not to mention, these games were cutting edge when they first came out. Despite their lack of detail compared to modern titles, they at least go easy on the eyes in HD. But ya, nobody should be complaining about graphics aging over time; it's as natural an occurrence as people getting older.

  16. how do i get the Peace Stalker trophy cause i did the whole level without my gun n i never got the trophy

  17. @Basskicker93

    Everyone..especially we artists who make the games. How about we go back to text adventures? WOuld you prefer that? Or play by mail games. You make a move, you mail it off, you wait a week or so, you get the other paleyers' moves, you take your turn. Much better, right?

  18. The engine still looks realllllly dated. Poor textures, low poly count, bad shadows. The games were great at the time and I would actually buy a remake if they redid the trilogy using a modern engine and brand new models and textures. I'm not interested in buying a moderately enhanced remake.

  19. I know this question is stupid, but I really need to ask: the ps2 version of splinter cell (like the rainbow six series) was pretty bad and the xbox version was clearly superior, when they make splinter cell HD for the ps3, what version they use as a "foundation"? the pc version? I keep thinking I"ll be playing a HD version of a bad port, I don't know exactly how these hd versions are created.

  20. I think the ONLY thing worst then the "first" comment, is the "second" comment.
    or maybe the "third"…
    ppl be really stupid

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