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Streaming TV Service Lineup comparison DirecTVnow, SlingTV, Playstation Vue


Streaming TV Service Lineup comparison DirecTVnow, SlingTV, Playstation Vue


  1. No DVR makes it a non-starter, we're not animals!

    I used to see those prices slashed in red and think, "gee, I'm getting a deal!" Now I just think, "there's the price I'm going to be paying when they jack it up at the end of the year." A year goes fast and suddenly your monthly bill doubles. DIRECTV is trying to match these new school streaming services but they're bringing the old school bait and switch pricing model with them. No thanks.

  2. i think DirectTV Now is the best out of all streaming service Youtube TV will be a better alternative once they add more channels to there line up.

  3. Do not give Sling TV your bank account information.  You'll find like thousands of others that SlingTV will remove funds from your bank account without your authority… They usually claim you added my channels.  They are now under investigation for wire fraud.

  4. Hey Dave, you need to adjust the HGTV listing for DirecTVnow. It is offered by all 3 services. You have it listed at the bottom for DirecTVnow, but it needs to move up to the top.

  5. AskUncleDave trying to access the comparison chart but getting a message that indicates folder may have been moved or no longer exists. Can I still get the spreadsheet?

  6. Not a Deal breaker but no Comedy Central and SpikeTV for PS Vue? Could I use the App for Comedy Central to support it? The Viacom Deal needs to be made quickly don't you tink??

  7. You couldnt compare an app with others out only for a week. Ofcourse they will have issues and not all features at launch. Did PSVue have that dvr at launch? Did sling have their dvr at launch? Too early.

  8. thanks for the video it helps ….question how many people could view at the same time ?

  9. your sling line up is wrong. blue package is $ 25 and has 5 epix movie channels you forgot + sports $5+ lifestyle 5$ it's what I have and I only pay 35 also have local channels the are more channles not listed.

  10. I am a PS Vue Elite Slim subscriber and your comparison chart is incorrect. I get ABC VOD [NBC and Fox too but you had those], I am now getting my local CBS station but that may not apply everywhere. Still no CW on any of the streaming services which is strange. Also PS Vue Elite Slim does have HGTV, NBCSN, TCM, USA, Freeform, SEC Network, Destination America, Discovery Life, Fox Sports Florida, Fox Sports Sun. I bring this up because you listed them in your DirecTV Now app as unique to the package and they are not. You may want to revise your lists.

  11. Howdy.
    Do you have an estimate of how much data[monthly] would be needed to watch like cable, will a terabyte be suffice?

  12. Error-40, every 20 minutes. I contacted Att; was told to unplug fire tv and reeboot and still getting error-40. Channel keeps cutting so far is garbage. I understand its still in test mode but if it continues for the rest of the month, im cancelling. 3 days straight cant even watch TV. I have 100mbps download speed so is not my isp. Just wanna let the world know what other people and I are experiencing………… Good Luck if you subscribed. Apparently is only happening to a few customers.

  13. Just picked up the free Apple tv through Direc tv now, will probably go back to Vue after the three month

  14. Excellent comparison! I was really looking forward to DTV Now but as of now, it fails on 3 features I love about my PS Vue: 1) DVR (watching live tv is so 1990s), 2) Five simultaneous streams, 3) User profiles (ala Netflix).

  15. i have directv now for a couple of hours now (nov 30)…i like the overall layout/UI…i like that there is a guide (all channels/favorites)…im fine that there is no DVR function at the moment, can wait for that feature to come…dont really care much for 4K playback, im fine with the picture quality as is.

    there is one problem on my windows 10 pc using the latest chrome browser…i cant seem to watch any live programs, just see it trying to load forever and always saying that VIDEO IS LOADING LONGER THAN USUAL…but can watch ON DEMAND without any problems…streaming quality looks good. another problem when accessing the web version is the favorites list…when i create my favorites list, everytime i go back to my favorites list, a bunch of my favorites have unchecked itself, so then i have to add my favorites again, and again, and again…those are the only problems ive noticed when trying the free trial.

    on the android app (using it on a galaxy note pro 12.2), would be nice to see a streaming quality setting option of 360, 720, 1080, 2k, 4k instead of good and better…also app will force close at times when browsing the android app…so far these are the only hiccups ive encountered so far.

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