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Subnautica Xbox One – Ep 1 – Splash Down | Let’s Play


Subnautica Xbox One - Ep 1 - Splash Down | Let's Play


  1. Just bought it. I'm sure here soon it will be running as smooth as pc version. Great game

  2. Acid mushrooms are good for batteries, batteries make power cells, and power cells power up your Seamoth and Cyclops. Basically, youre gonna need slot of acid mushrooms.

  3. I've been looking at this game for over a year, watching videos and whatnot, waiting for the full version to be released. I got impatient and purchased it last night for my Xbox One and I'm suffering from so much lag. Even when coming up for air and going back down I am lagging. Have you had a similar experience and if so how have you fixed them if you have.

  4. anyone know if Xone port has better framerate than like 6 months ago? I dont mind those horrid textures and whatnot. Just hope they fix fps.

  5. I got this a few days ago took me a while to sort the controls out but I got it now I hope they add a multiplayer mode

  6. Want to play Rocket League together? I'm not very good but it's fun and I see you have it add me on Xbox CRAZYConnor3 o subbed

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