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The Incredible Hulk Xbox 360 Trailer – Video Game Trailer


The Incredible Hulk Xbox 360 Trailer - Video Game Trailer


  1. recuerdo que cuando yo era pequeño yo tenía este juego pero como antes no sabía cómo agarrar un disco se me rayo y me lo tuvieron que volver a comprar y todavía lo tengo y me trae esos buenos recuerdos

  2. I prefer Ultimate Destruction version much more since Hulk has better melee combos in that game, his leaps are pretty good, you can run on walls, catch an knock back missiles, you can grab onto flyin air crafts, you can weaponize more environmental objects and his rage powers are much stronger than the film's version but yet in the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie game you can destroy lots of more buildings

  3. well when i first played incredible hulk ultimate destruction i loved it because it has ultimate power ultimate destruction and unstoppable movement 🙂 but when i got the incredible hulk official video game on PS2 all i can say is…..what happened WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED i saw the incredible hulk game and it was awesome because it has awesome graphics and cool environment BUT NO instead they put nothing on the PS2 Version and That's not fair i wanted some cool graphics and cool designs and awesome environment but instead i have THIS CRAP >:(

  4. Well being that incredible hulk game was made by the exact same studios that made prototype I dont see why we are even making that comparison, no one cared when alex mercer was white, Im js.

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