Home Videos The Xbox One Sales In Japan Are Disastrously Low

The Xbox One Sales In Japan Are Disastrously Low


The Xbox One Sales In Japan Are Disastrously Low


  1. i feel in japan they should stock a very small amount because it still does sell but just dont advertise their

  2. the Xbox one has still sold 40 million world wide, sure that isn't as much as the ps4, but the 360 didn't sell as much as the Wii, and og Xbox didn't sell as much as the PS2

  3. When I was in Japan I didn't see Xbox in any shops in Tokyo but I saw them everywhere in Osaka.

  4. Problem is xbox focuses mainly on realistic and violent games. I think the japanese like more creativity in their games. Not that I really know since I have never lived or visited there.

  5. Worst move they could do was to ignore Japan. The lack of Japanese games is a major reason why the Xbox One is selling so poorly in territories outside of Japan – because without Japanese support, the console really only caters to a very narrow demographic who still enjoy their yearly shooters, racing games, and sports. That might be enough to carry it in America, but not Europe, S. America, and elsewhere. It doesn't help that the last few years has seen a stagnation, or dramatic decrease, in the quality of western developed titles.

  6. and i think the number one issue the xbox really has against non USA gamers is the region restrictions. I think the region restrictions is kindna racist.

  7. does bill gates still care for microsoft? why isn't he using all his billions to improve xbox sales?

  8. Japan is much more interested in mobile gaming then here and Microsoft is the only company not selling a mobile device.

  9. I know it's old vid, but did any of you muricans seen the charts for last gen and current gen? Xbox fails worldwide to Playstation and only manages to stay afloat because US consumers buys it. Look at 360/PS3 era. MS had the advantage at the begining, but it ended with a tie. Right now (10/2016) Xbox only leads sales in US, and it still less xbones than ps4s worldwide. Let's face it, outside US nobody care for Xbox. It was always aimed to muricans and it had medicore to bad sales outside Murica.

  10. look at that chart, the PS3 sold 4,329, the XboxOne sold 100, people still prefer last gen console over the xboxONe.. hahahaha

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