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Video Games : Xbox 360 Launch

Xbox 360 Launch Zero Hour


  1. Modern day tittle: crazy Xbox release gone wrong thrown out of store in the hood cops called

  2. Hey. I am wondering. Do you still have those or that 360? if yes, do they have a red ring of death?

  3. That moment you realize how old Youtube is and how ancient you are…
    I'm getting old as fuck.

  4. how much was it on launch I didn't get my first 360 until 2008 and was only $250 I heard at launch it was $450 but I'm not sure.

  5. Oh man, I wish stores would still sell the good old games and have the console test displays and what not.

  6. 🙁 my fourth phat red ringed last week. Only one left is a slim. Every phat will die soon or later, sadly

  7. Was the voice actor for Marcus not hired yet. Because they had some other guys voice for him.

  8. It's too bad the first 360's had the Red Ring of Death.  It's what kept me from buying a 360 all this time.  I'm thinking of getting either a 360 or PS3 now that they are cheaper.  Which one do you think is best?  Since the Red Ring of Death is dealt with I'm curious what the 360 has to offer.

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