what are some intersting facts about ps3?

what are some intersting facts about ps3?


i just got it a month ago and i need facts about it.

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  1. A million times better than xbox360. I’m also a playstation fan. The graphics are too much. You feel like your in the game when you play it.

  2. It can help to cure disease such as Alzheimer’s , that’s a little known fact among non ps3 owners and many ps3 owners too.

    Look for the life with playstation app , this app , when in use shares unused processing power with researchers at stanford university to create a supercomputer and contributes to their research into the human genome.

    It can be used in conjunction with a psp or psPvita console for remote play of certain ps3 games using the psvita or psp as a screen and controller , and can play against psVita players in certain cross play compatible games.

    It has some of the best exclusives , games such as Heavy Rain , metal gear solid 4 , uncharted series , resistance series , starhawk etc. and has many MMO games now or coming soon.

    it was the one of the first commercial Blu-ray players sold worldwide , ps3 and a panasonic branded one were the first 2 sold and both Sony and Panasonic own the rights to and created the blu-ray format. although the first 60 gigabyte ps3 cost $799 it was still bought by people who wanted a blu-ray player and not a game console as it was cheaper than the panasonic player at the time which started at $1199. Sony and panasonic competed with microsoft and their HD DVD format to see which would be the one that was the HD format used by everyone , blu-ray one partially because there was a built in buyer base of several million blu-ray players in every ps3 owners home and the Hd-DVd player was sold as an add-on accessory and cost $300 , plus it was inferior quality as an HD-DVD was simply a regular dvd disc with the video formatted into a semi-HD quality to fit onto the 9 gig disc and blu-ray could be full HD and held up to 50 gigs of data.

    to see the actual features of your ps3 read the manual , or the online manual from the xmb.

  3. 1-3d blu-ray player

    2-insured for $1 million if your credit card details are stolen and used from psn (so psn must be very secure if they can give credit card insurance for that amount

    3-pause, record & rewind live tv ( optional hardware required)

    4-party video chat with 6 other people via the eyetoy when you watch tv

    5- Defiance ps3 exclusive which will support of thousands of players playing together, early footage of game looks like the film storm troopers, where thousands of people shoot at hundreds & hundreds of aliens LOL

    6- dust 514 another ps3 exclusive and its free (coming soon) will let ps3 and pc players play together is a massive fps shooter,, ps3 players are the grunts shooting each other for territory, while pc players will give you air support, with thousands of planets to explore

    7- better exclusive games for the ps3 and the ps3 does get more exclusive content compared to the xbox

  4. Sub-par online

    Slow matchmaking

    Slow menu (xmb)

    Slow at loading info

    No private/party voice chats

    No multi-tasking (eg playing music and games at same time)

    Freezes for no viable reason

    Very unstable firmwares

    Minimal security

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