What is Industry Giant 2? – Part 1/2

What is Industry Giant 2? – Part 1/2


What is Industry Giant 2? - Part 1/2


  1. Gem of a game. With so much going on at once, trying to get the supply and demand just right without no bottlenecks kept me busy for hours. Sadly cant get it to work o my computer despite trying which is a shame because its timeless. I will play this game again even if i have to buy or build an old pc setup. :)

  2. Love this game so much , played it yesterday, I got it on a bundle disc with transport giant, restaurant empire, hotel giant 2 and the black gold tycoon. Bought the lot for a fiver, would've paid £50 just for industry giant 2

  3. This was really such a great game graphically for it's time.
    I just found my copy of it and tried numerous online patches but to no avail.
    I can't seem to get this to work.
    Is there any chance you may revisit this with an installation tutorial?
    You would be the first on YouTube to do so and I'm sure you'd get hits on it.

  4. This brings back fond memories of mine. Sadly any of the fixes I've tried can't get my game to work

  5. I recommend to try the game Simutrans. Like this or TTD but way more better. The traffic can get quite hilarious just by your vehicles…

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