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why cant my ps3 read my flash memory card it always said no photos, no videos or no saved data why does’nt it


notice all my files that are in my memory card flash drive?
i just bought a new one because i thought there was somthin wrong with my old one so i put my files such as photos videos and game saves on it and it still saids theres no file in the flash memory card.

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  1. in the ps3 you should go to the flash drive then press triangle display all if it doesn’t show means its not supported

  2. you need to put your photos into a folder that says ps3 how you do this is you go and download a free wallpaper to your flash drive from psn and them plug it into your computer and find the ps3 folder and the look for the photos folder and just look at how the wallpaper is on it like what folder is it in etc. and do the same thing i had the same problem before a did this

  3. same thing i went to if u have music 4 eg go to the music menu on the ps3 and press triangle then u go to display all u go 2 sounds press x 2 files come (digital) and(simple) under there should be some tracks.then go 2 digital and the rest should be there.i am using a mini sd card but i think it will work with u. hope i helped 🙂

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