Home Playstation Forum why cod bo3 doesn’t came out for ps3?

why cod bo3 doesn’t came out for ps3?



  1. because they want you to buy a next gen console of course , plus by making games for next gen they can add more content , better graphics and more features

  2. Because specs are not high enough. BO3 is around 60-70gb of storage and is a massive game. The specs of ps3 don’t meet the minimum requirements. BTW its Next-Gen so there’s going to be better exclusives and games coming out

  3. It hasn’t been officially announced that it’s not coming for 360, PS3 and/or Wii U.

    It has only been announced for PC, XBO, and PS4.

    So it still may be a future release announcement, or it still may not be coming at all.

    But if it doesn’t happen this year, expect it to happen soon that if you still want to play the new CoD games, you’ll need to buy the new console.

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