Home Playstation Forum why do you clean your ps3’s fans?

why do you clean your ps3’s fans?


how does it benefit you?

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  1. so they don’t clog up and stop working or get dirt in the system.

    cleaning fans – longer ps3 life 🙂

  2. Dirt is bad. If I clean the fans, then the fans don’t get broken or it doesn’t just blow dirt and dust around the inside.

    I benefit from it cause the console is clean.

  3. an important factor you all forget is dust consists of hair, carpet, and dead skin. these conduct electricity.say a piece get in between two solder points that should NEVER touch.guess what, your ps3 is now a brick(this is usually mor of short arcs that slowly fry the system) it also dampers air flow and holds heat very well(overheating/ylod quicker).you get my point. good luck

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