Home Xbox Forum why wont my xbox play installed games?

why wont my xbox play installed games?


i installed bioshock on my xbox360 (white version) and everytime i try to play it * up and i cant play it keeps saying “Insert the bioshock disk” but if i installed it cant i play with out the disk this also happened when i installed silent hill: homecoming
and its not lag free stuff i did it with tony hawk project 8 and i could play without the disk so idont know

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  1. You still have to put the disk in the drive to play the game. You’re are mistaken with Tony Hawk then. It’s not possible with any game if you only copied it from the disk to your hard drive. If you downloaded a digital copy from Xbox Live, you play from that one without a need for a disk.

  2. When you install is game to your hard drive it is for lag free stuff. It does not mean that you can play it without the disk.

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