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Will Achievements that I get on a friend’s XBox 360 be automatically added to my Gamertag on my console?


If I copy my Gamertag to a Memory Unit, and then get an Achievement at a friend’s house, will the Gamerpoints be added to my Gamertag on my console at my house as well as the one on the Memory Unit?

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  1. All achievements are “recorded” to your gamertag (I call it profile). So, if you take your profile to a friends house, get and achievement, then take your profile back to your house, and plug it in, it will still be there. Make sure that you plug into xbox live to “lock

    ” your achievement in, because if your profile gets corrupted somehow, when you recover it, it won’t know that you have that achievement.

  2. Yes. once you move your gamertag back to your Xbox.

    Once you move (there is no Copy. only Move) your gamertag to a memory unit it will not be usable on your Xbox 360 at home until you move it back from the memory unit (or just use your Xbox with the memory unit inserted) or use Recover Gamertag (not recommended).

    The achievements and gamerpoints are tied to your gamertag and are recorded to Xbox Live every time you connect online. if you use Recover Gamertag it brings the last version which was saved on Xbox Live.

    Check the link below for full information from Microsoft.

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