Home Videos Will Gran Turismo 6 Come to PS4, Vita?

Will Gran Turismo 6 Come to PS4, Vita?


Will Gran Turismo 6 Come to PS4, Vita?


  1. Are you fucking kidding me!?! No fucking grand turismo. Fist you release a shitty resistance and then 1 year and a half later u release ur first good game killzone. It's fucking ridiculous. I paid £200 for my vita on release and there is hardly any games on it. On the PSP there was a gta at launch. Where is gta for vita? Fucking ridiculous

  2. I will buy Gran Turismo 6if it comes on PlayStation 4. I'm investing my money towards the future.

  3. Because those titles would have Vita specific content (models, textures) created and optimized along side the PS4 versions. It's not PS4 quality being emulated on Vita.

  4. I think a lot of you are confusing remote play with Vita specific titles. He is saying the performance needed to play GT6 is possibly not within Vita's capabilities (large content). The remote play feature is just streaming video and input between your PS4 and Vita.

  5. To people checking out this video, you might be interested to know, that you can purchase Gran Turismo Portable on PSN and play it on the Vita, it runs way better than on PSP, way faster load times, bigger screen, colors look much brighter, and you have the option to turn on "Bilinear filtering", which is a type of anti-aliasing.
    Also, when Gran Turismo eventually comes out on PS4, you will be able to play that on your Vita via 'Remote Play' streaming.

  6. If Ps vita is inferior in power to the Ps3, how on earth is PS4 games supposed to be emulated on the ps vita for cross-console gameplay, like the wii pad?

  7. He is right as gt5 is getting regular updates, this is good, except the last one makes the game freezy in the logo screen if you are log in the psn, you have to enter the game log out and only then log in. But man a f.. love this game 🙂

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