X-Box 360 Pro?

X-Box 360 Pro?


Okay I might get an X-Box 360 pro. What else do I need just to play.Halo 3 on 2 player mode. Also do I need a Hard drive. I know I need to pay 50 dollars to play online with other people. Do the X-Box 360 Pro come with 2 games.

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  1. To play with two players you will need to buy a second controller. the Xbox 360 Premium comes with one wireless controller.

    The Xbox 360 Pro/Premium (they are the same) comes with a 20GB hard drive so you are all set as far as that is concerned.

    The current holiday bundles come with two games Forza 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

    Xbox Live Gold costs $50 per year (14 cents a day). when you get a new console you get a free one month free trial of Xbox Live Gold so you can try it out.

    Good luck.

  2. yes right now there having a special for christmas. you get some racing game and a fighting marvel hero type game for free with a xbox 360. your also gonna want to get a controller to play 2 player on halo 3. oh and btw its cost only 5 bucks a month online not 50.

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