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xbox 360 torrents?


How do i burn a 6 gb game to a disc
I already downloaded the torrent i just need to burn it

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  1. First off make sure that you have a modded console or the xbox 360 wont even read it. Second you will need a dual layer disc and.dvd file with the layer break set at 1913760 as this is how all xbox 360 games are split. Finally use IMG Burn or Clone CD and burn at 2.4x. Make sure to use high quality discs or you will get bad burns and your laser will die off quicker.

  2. you may need a dual layer disc if u want to play it. but if you just quickly need to store it split into 2 discs.

  3. you can’t burn a readable disk so don’t worry about it, just stick to used games on ebay

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