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XBOX 360 Warranty Question?


my xbox 360 hase the three rings of death and i got my xbox last year can i take it back to wal mart without the box and get a new one for free. and do i need a recipt

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  1. you can only take it back to walmart if you actually bought a warranty from there but microsoft offers their warranty for three years where you will not need a box or reciept to get fixed. the only downside is it will be away for 3 weeks.


  2. That means that you have the red ring of death a.k.a RROD. Two solutions exist: First, you can perform the infamous “towel trick” to get rid of the RROD. The trick is very simple and requires very little effort. To find out how to do the trick, got to Youtube and type in ” red ring of death fix.” Second, and the BETTER option is to send your Xbox into Microsoft. Even though you may not have brought a warranty for you Xbox 360, Microsoft makes repairs for the RROD for FREE! The only thing is that your 360 must be still in a 3 year period from the DAY YOU BROUGHT IT. Please understand that this is free no matter what you think. I got the RROD and was worried that I would have to pay $100 for repairs but Microsoft fixed mine for free.

  3. No Unless you bought the Walmart extended warranty you won’t be able to take your 360 to the store to swap it for a replacement, the reason being most stores only have a 30-90 warranty period on electronics, if you do have some type of extended warranty you will need the receipt as proof of purchase and proof your the original owner, you wouldn’t need the box at all as if you have a warranty they simply take the system and you keep your old controller, some stores take every thing giving you a completely new unopened box.

    If you do not have a extended warranty, being that your 360 is over a year old it is way past most retail stores return or warranty policy, this means you will have to call 1-800-4my-xbox (Microsoft Support) and have them send you a box to ship your console to them free of charge where they will either fix or replace the unit.

    Microsoft issued a free extended warranty period for all xbox 360 owners saying should the unit encounter a hardware failure i.e. the ring of death the warranty is now three years after initial purchase to the original owner.

  4. You’ll have to send it in to microsoft. It will take about a month but at least you get a free month of xbox live out of it.

  5. Oh No! the same thing happened to me like 2 weeks ago. No walmart wont take it back. What you have to do is go to http://www.xbox.com, call the 1800 number. Theyll ask you some questions and send you a box to send it back to them. They should fix it for free if its still under warranty. Believe me I know its the worst thing that can happen to your xbox. Good Luck!!

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