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Xbox One Profile Coming to Xbox.com


Xbox One Profile Coming to Xbox.com


  1. Where has the what friends are currently doing in said games e.g. blah is playing Halo 3 – Searching in MLG?

  2. my xbox got slow after a weeks, it takes forever to add a friend or send a message. i dont want to reboot my xbox every 10 days, please fix that probem microsoft. (sorry for my bad english)

  3. This is stupid, one of the reasons i sent my xbox one back was because i hated the dashboard. Now when i sign in on the xbox website it has my xbox one profile as the default setting why ?. I haven't used an xbox one in 6 months. Can someone please help me, i'm really annoyed. I'm currently using my xbox 360 but on the site it shows my profile as xbox one

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