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Aliens Colonial Marines – Review


Aliens Colonial Marines - Review


  1. Gearbox is becoming for games what Uwe Boll is for videogame based movies.

    Never again will I hope for some great franchise reboot by their hands.

  2. Every single time I see something on this I see all that potential…it pisses me off that this game was a complete falsity in all senses of the word, a cheap knock off of what we were supposed to get

  3. I don't see the category parts(Story, Design, Gameplay, Presentation,) of game reviews, it was on older review videos but not here, what gives, gametrailers?
    good vid nonetheless.

  4. The difference is though this games pre release media showed something totally different from the final game

  5. People also said avp for 360 was bad when that came out and that's a favorite of mine

  6. This is a game and it cannot be cannon to a movie franchise, the franchise being Alien, Aliens and that's it ! This is not a sequel, and it's not what really happened after Alien 2. If you are an Alien fan you gotta be a real scumbag to accept what happened in Alien 3, how they just spit on Hicks, Newt and Bishop. Ripley and Hicks are married, they adopted Newt and Bishop is the butler, that's how it ended.

  7. I agree with you on that one, the old scoring sytem was better.
    The graphics score for this game must have been low because they are horrible in comparison to some of the rival TripleA titles out there.
    I suppose I am just bitter because I was one of those who waited patiently for this game, after all these years they gave this crap. I have already returned my copy and would advise you to steer clear unless you have really low standards.

  8. Now I am eating my own typed letters when I commented on that first trailer how Doom 4 might have challenge in form of this title.How wrong was I?

  9. This is very low score by GT standards.I usually don't care about the score but indept review and if I decide to get the game-than I make my own mind.From personal experience I came across games with lower scored reviews but ended up liking them after playing.I don't know why GT doesn't have category scoring as before?Now they just give ratio score.

  10. Are you for real?
    That's like saying "The game is horrible, broken and I hate it" then giving it a 10/10 rating

    If you are going to do a review they should at least reflect this in the end scores, anyone watching AND listening to this damning review would assume that they gave it a high score for other reasons (monetary perhaps).
    Remember in a score out of 10, anything over 5 suggests the game is actually good. I can tell you categorically it is not.

  11. Instead of returning the pre-payed game Sega and Gearbox should be sued under corporate fraud for misleading public and false mass advertising!
    But to them we are all just insects and all that they see is dollar bills entering game shop-not people.

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