Any good playstation2 games?

Any good playstation2 games?


Do you know any really good good greek mytholy quest/battle type games, something similar to ‘Titan Quest’ on the PC, but for the ps2? Good graphics and story(ish)? A good game, not just some crappy one. thanks

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  1. lego batman is pretty awesome. there’s also a new spyro game that they are out with that they r gonna have on ps2 and ps3. go to and click on top games and it will tell you all the top games that everyones buyin thats where i always go

    hope i helped XD

  2. My Best PS2 games:

    Ace Combat 5(97%) <>

    Gran Turismo 4(100%) <>

    Gran Turismo 3(91%)

    Ace Combat 4(97.5%) <>

    Ace Combat Zero(95.5%) <>

    Burnout 3:Takedown(95%)

    Burnout Revenge(94.5%)

    God of War(94%)

    God of War 2(90%) <>

    Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas(89.5%)


    Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit 2(81%) <>

    Need for Speed:Underground(82%) <>

    Need for Speed:Underground 2(82.5%)

    Need for Speed:Most Wanted(87%)

    Need for Speed:Carbon(84%)

    Need for Speed:ProStreet(65%)

    Test Drive Unlimited(85%)

    007:Everything is Nothing(100%)

    007:From Russia With Love(92%)

    Star Wars:The Force Unleashed(91%) <>

    Star Wars:Battlefront(82.5%)

    Star Wars:Battlefront II(87%)

    Star Wars:Jedi Starfighter(79%)

    Stuntman Ignition(75%)

    Call of Duty(97.5%)

    Call of Duty 2:Big Red One(98%)

    Call of Duty 3(92%)

    Burnout Dominator(85%)


    Star Wars:Episode III(87.5%)

    Star Wars:The Clone Wars(61%)

    LEGO:Star Wars II:The Original Trilogy(89.5%)

    LEGO:Indiana Jones:The Original Adventures(86.5%)

    Medal of Honor :Vanguard(96%)

    Medal of Honor :European Assault(91.5%)

    Time Crisis 3(94.5%)

    Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban(73%)

    Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone(60%)

    Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire(80%)

    Harry Potter and The Order of The Pheonix(78.5%)

    Pirates of The Carribean:Legend of Jack Sparrow(69%)

    Pirates of The Carribean:At World’s End(72%)

    Ghost Rider(75%)

    Peter Jackson’s King Kong:The Official Game of The Movie(99.5%)

    Juiced 2:Hot Import Nights(83%)

    Battlefield 2:Modern Combat(89%)

    Midnight Club 3:DUB Edition Remix(100%)

    Twisted Metal:Head On:Extra Twisted Edition(65%)

    Lara Croft:Tomb Raider Legend(100%)

    Sea Monsters:A Prehistoric Adventure(55%)

    LEGO:Batman:The Videogame(85%)

    AERO Productions>>


    *All of the above games have been played through and rated at by me,not other gaming websites.

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