Battlefield 4 – Review

Battlefield 4 – Review


Battlefield 4 - Review


  1. What is with the dead ones on the controllers??? Aiming is not very good in this game . The default setting is terrible and tweaking it in the settings to your liking takes forever and I still haven't got it figured. Very very frustrating. I'm waiting for the next new game to come out and this one goes on the shelf

  2. I love how channels like gamespot critique a game while still giving it credit where it's due. Not just hating on the game or vice versa.

  3. just recently, I been play battlefield 4 and was in the anti-air vehicle, will to my understand the AA is to shot down planes and helicopters, any airborne threats to my team and myself, the objective kill the enemy protect my teammates, and I was doing just that, and funny thing is that my own teammates start to attack me shot the AA from helicopters and tanks ramming the AA, dive bombing the AA destroying their jets in 5 or 6 games now, will you know what I did just kept shooting down the enemy, what the heck is going on?, there are more colorful words I can use to describe the situations, but I'll hold off on that, this is unacceptable behavior, lucky their not in the real army or the US WOULD BE IN A WORLD OF HURT, maybe they forgot how to play the game, needless to say most of those matches my team lost, another thing suicide jeeps, driving their jeeps onto a tank destroying the tank and driver but killing themselves in the process maybe their hoping when they get revived they will get 99 xp more, is that what we are learning from the Middle East?, and in incorporating it in our games, dose that sounds like fun for you? or is it that they get mad and cant score so what the heck. This game is about team work it's not about you there is no U in team, it's about us VS them playing the objective, and wining the round , it's hard enough fighting the enemy, but having to fight your own teammates in the process is outrageous and ridiculous, maybe someone should remind the of the fundamentals of the games, until next time this is LatinMike7 signing out

  4. With the driving section at 5:08, a guy ran into the middle of the street and phased through the car for me. Still decent for £3.99 on PS4.

  5. i bought this game on ps4 like half an hour ago is it a good buy or should i return it btw i had this game on ps4 i loved it alot

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