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Can anyone see any problems in me buying this TV for Xbox 360 gaming?


I am trying to find a crisp amazing picture for me at my barracks. I am in the Marines and get pretty bored sometimes so I want to get a nice but not “too” huge TV for my room. Anyways I am a newer TV buyer any comments/suggestions on this choice?

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  1. my family owns a sanyo 24 inch tv. it has hd and clear picture. You can get sanyo a pretty cheap price i think. it depends how big you want it to be.

  2. Id say its a pretty nice tv. Ive only heard good things about Vizio, especially for being a lower priced tv. Its 1080p which you want, with a decent refresh rate. The LED is sweet but can cause flash-lighting. My Sony has it somewhat, but it doesn’t really bother me. It’s where the edges of the screen appear lighter in certain areas. Most notable on movies with the widescreen bars or in dark scenes. I dont know how big your room is but a 42 in is a good size for a small room, it’ll look alot bigger then when you see it in the store. You will need to pick up an hdmi cable to stream the1080p Go here [url is not allowed]. Dont be scamed into buying an expensive cable! If you can afford it Id pick up an extended warranty. Walmart sells em with the tv they aren’t too expensive. Just incase something happens to it, youll be covered. An added bonus is Visio is American made. Hoo-Rah!

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