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Can I connect an Xbox 360 to my wired laptop?


Hmmm, my xbox will be downstairs, and my completely wired laptop is upstairs, and I would like to connect my xbox to my computer so i can “download to xbox 360” from the xbox.com marketplace. I originally thought that the 360 ethernet cable was usb on one end, and that i could just plug the ethernet side to the 360 and the usb side into my computer. I looked it up and apparently it’s an ethernet port on both ends. Do I have to connect my xbox to the modem directly and use the xbox for that stuff? Or is there another way? I just want to download some movies and free map packs+demos and that sort of stuff.

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  1. there is an ethernet slot in your computer there should be once you connect it a light should light up next to the ethernet slot but that only depends if you have the light

  2. You can download to xbox 360 without connecting the 360 and the PC. Just select the title you want to download online with your pc and it will automatically add it to your queue for you so the next time you turn your system and connect to xbox live, the download will be ready to go.

  3. Well, in your case you should attach the cable to your Xbox and plug the other end into the modem. I do it all the time and it works fine. It might not work at first, but all you gotta do is turn off the modem and turn it back on. You don’t need your laptop because its wired. Although if you do put the computer ethernet off, you will lose internet connection on your laptop/PC. So, you can just download your stuff from the Xbox Live Marketplace, assuming you have Xbox Live Membership. Works like a charm.

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