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Can I save videos from the internet, such as Youtube, onto the Ps3’s hard drive?


I’ve tried and tried but maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

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  1. The videos you download from internet must be in compliance with PS3 video formats. Here is a video format list that PS3 supports


    I love to download videos from Youtube and saved them onto my ps3 (now I use ipod 🙂 to show the videos to my friends

    Before you upload the videos to your PS3, simply use youtube converter, which downloads videos converts the YouTube videos to to MPEG1/2, M4V(H.264, MPEG4) etc

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  2. yes you can. this is what you do. on your PC go to google search free youtube to ipod converter download the program. then download a video from youtube or any other website. buy a flash disk and plug it into your PC. in that flash disk create a PS3 folder. caps important. in that PS3 folder create a folder named VIDEO. caps important. transfer the downloaded video from youtube or whatever to the flash disk in the VIDEO folder. turn on ps3 and plug it in. in the PS menu go to video then go to USB storage device press the triangle button on it then search the contents and when you find your video you can save it or play it or whatever.

    hope this helped you out!:D

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  3. Yes, you can save videos from the internet on the PS3, they just have to be in the correct format.

    I put videos from Gametrailers.com on my PS3 all the time.

    You should try to use your computer and save the videos on a Flash Drive then transfer the videos to the PS3’s hard drive.

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