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Catherine Review

Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Atlus
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
Price: .99
Release Date: July 26, 2011

For commentated gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/ZGRWhyUDead

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Catherine Review - ZGR

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  1. How can THIS game blow ANYONE away? I only played up to the 2nd nightmare sequence and got so frustrated that I know I'll never return. I freakin' HATED it!  I'm sick to death of hearing people say good things about it. it disappointed me SO bad!

  2. such a good game, don't dumb down difficulty or watch walkthroughs cause the sense of accomplishment is awesome on some of the later puzzles. definitely wanna use the d-pad and be a little more patient with your button input, moving too fast can really backfire.

  3. This is the first review that actually explained the puzzle gameplay. Gonna subscribe now. Thank you.

  4. catherine hentai uhm no…. Hentai internet culture? uh how a bout you just stick to your computer and box of tissues. No more commenting K? for everyones sake

  5. lol You suck at trolling. Your purpose is supposed to be to make me mad. Do you have a girlfriend? Because I can easily end this argument now and anything you say after that would just make you ignorant. Yes, I have a girlfriend. No, she's not from some anime. Don't feel sorry for me; I don't accept pity. And hentai actually means pervert. What people watch is just anime with sex in it. Do something else with your life besides feeling sorry for people who don't care for you. Good day sir.

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