Home Xbox Forum certain games dont work on 360?

certain games dont work on 360?


i have 6 games for 360 all brand new, 4 of them work fine, ive tried 3 different versions brand new of tiger woods 10 and it wont work it just says reading disc, then sometimes it would do the same thing with gta

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  1. Hello,

    I had the same issue with tiger woods golf – I used one of those nice CD / DVD repair devices with the spray solution to help clean and fix scratches. Then it worked from time to time – I had a large HDD so I installed the game onto the HDD and play from HDD. This improves my ability to play TW10 from 1 in 5 to 3 of 4. Must be a quality control issue with EA Sports 🙁

    GTA is a HUGE game so it could be that either your DVD is a little on the fritz and/or your XBOX’s cache is full or corrupt.

    Again, try to clean the disc while the XBOX is unplugged for a few minutes. this may help dump the cache. Just like a PC your box should have a little wiggle room memory wise, so if your HD and onboard memory (512 MB) is over 90% full, try to delete some old content so the memory can flow more easily.

    Good luck and happy gaming!

  2. Might be a problem with your dvd player. Get it checked.

    Don’t want to sound silly but the games are the same version as the xbox, right? ( PAL & NTSC )

    If the version is right, get the player checked.

  3. that sound right,360 systems are very cheap and often have problems.

    you should really sell it and get a PS3.

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