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CGR Undertow – MAGUS review for PlayStation 3


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Magus review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Magus for the PlayStation 3 developed by Black Tower and Aksys Games and published by Aksys Games.

After years and imprisonment and torture, a man known as Magus is finally broken free. The strange part is what his mysterious liberator tells him—that he’s actually a god. Once he starts firing magic beams from his hands, it starts to make more sense to him. Magus splices basic third-person shooting gameplay into the framework of an action-RPG, offering players constant upgrades and weapon/item management. Magus has three different types of magic, which gives him three different primary attacks. In addition, each type of magic also has several special attacks that drain said magic, and these are most enjoyable element of the game. One lets Magus hover in the air above his enemies, another lets him reanimated dead enemies to fight for him and yet another turns him into a giant, allowing him to stomp enemies like ants. Magus is a single-player action RPG.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Magus for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

CGR Undertow - MAGUS review for PlayStation 3


  1. I got drunk and started looking for a new game. The last thing I remember. I woke up with a Magus platinum trophy. Epic!!

  2. From the moment that gameplay popped on the screen I already knew it was garbage…still watched the whole review though,haha hilarious.

  3. Putrid type of game that is on flash sale for $1.99, that's at least brings something good for the most with an easy plat, this is the game to buy just to play how sucky it is of all video games. 😉

  4. LMAO thanks to your review I actually looked up the game, got it dirt cheap on PSN, played it and Plat it in a matter of 14 hours!! Does boasting about stats in this game even count for bragging rights? LMAO even so it was so pathetically easy that you could farm for runes in the last level, join items for scrolls and just make your character a walking cheat code.

    IIRC my guy had 25000 Health, and all 3 of his magic color stats were above 8000…..I guess Red wasn't maybe but WHO CARES?! All that in less than a fucking day. Many thanks, that was a shit easy platinum XD

  5. In my country this is more expensive than Assassin's Creed 4, Last Of Us, SOuth Park the Stick of Truth and much more great games like Uncharted

  6. I'm probably alone but I loved this game XD bought it this morning and beat it in a sitting, wouldn't have paid more than the two dollars I did on it tho XD

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