Dead Rising 2 – All Zombrex Stashes!

Dead Rising 2 – All Zombrex Stashes!


Dead Rising 2 - All Zombrex Stashes!

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  1. I love getting echivements thank you guys I need that zombrex I that would help me out but a little tricky.

  2. the fact that you cant store them but have to be there sucks, i was either gonna have to give up fighting a psycopath or give up katie……they couldnt even update it to at least store them to use without me being there, i ended up starting the game over

  3. ya I got dead rising2 today and katey's time limit for the next shot if half way down and i was struggling to find more. as first i was like "mehh jjust let her die and have some fun" then i changed my mind thx guys :)

  4. there should be an acheivement for finding all free zombrex stashes on one play called you'd better have a lot

  5. Does the zombrex regenerate or is it a one time shot for each location? I need it for my poor little daughter.

  6. if u happen to be watching this if katie dies the game becomes a free roam until the military arrives there will be no more main missions there will be more side missions tho

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