Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Review

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Review


Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Review


  1. the reason this game could have been the best was because it was first to introduce character customization. problem is it felt like the fighting was mandatory like you were barely doing anything at certain points. More luck than skill based. Raging Blast did a lot of things right and I think had they combined the two ideas, with the story of xenoverse or so they would have had the best game.

  2. This game is fucking terrible. The fighting style is a mix of Budokai 3 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3 but doesn't work. It's also confusing to watch . The button mashing is dumb, the character roster was tiny and terrible especially since the game came out in 2011 and the character creation is terrible and very limited.

  3. Perfect DBZ game = bt3 gameplay, bt manual lock on mid gameplay , bt3 flying around the map and, x2 free roam. with U.T graphics. that includes permanent stage destruction in mid battle with mid game fusion and cutscenes. as far as character creation ill say a mixture of both UT and x2. and ki blast clashes. and last but not least…mortal kombat X gore. like id like to spam krillin online. i would use solar flare then quickly throw my ultimate destruction disk. Slicing your head off!

  4. I Once Completed The Whole Story Mode And Unlocked All Characters But Then A Couple Days Later My Data Got Erased.

  5. You know what this game would be absolutely kickass as? A turn-based RPG! Like Final Fantasy X/-2 or Skies of Arcadia. Everything is presented in a way that would fit absolutely perfectly into the RPG format. Since characters seem to take turns and time slows down for options and just in general things are structured more along the lines of an RPG than a fighting game. I'd love to see a Dragonball/Z/GT/Super RPG with this kind of presentation for an HD console. Just think of how cool it'd be…

  6. This is honestly my least favorite DBZ game. I don't hate it and I come back to it from time to time and I have some fun. (Although I swear that clash thing where you press the x or y button is completely random). The best way to describe my feelings towards this game are this. I went from BT3 which had over 160 characters to this. I'll let that sink in for a moment…. Anyway while it is my least favorite DBZ game I got to admit Hero mode is my favorite thing about this game. I gave him a back story and tried to explain how the world he lived in got so chaotic.

    See at the end of the GT Omega Shenron won, but instead of destroying everything he used his power to grant himself a wish to bring back a few people like Piccolo. With Piccolo revived he went into space to gather the Black Star Dragon Balls and wished for the world to be chaotic being back all the villains and several heroes. He gathered the Black Star Dragon Balls again so the world wouldn't explode and enjoyed the new chaotic world. Now to explain our hero (Or at least the hero I created). I made up that a small enclaved of Saiyans survived Frieza destroying there planet and worked to grow stronger in order to defeat him. Thus the saiyan race never truly went extinct. The hero (named Sid) was born with a power level of over 100,000,000 the highest recorded power level for a saiyan to be born with. He went to earth to conquer it but for got who he was which lead into the events of hero mode. There's my backstory for the saiyan which is kind of sad because he kind of got screwed over in the end because the Black Star Dragon Balls make the planted there used on explode after one year.

    I'm currently writing a story where the saiyan was sent to the Fairy Tail Universe after his planet was destroyed and while Ultimate Tenkaichi isn't my favorite DBZ game (I'm still waiting for something to top BT3) it's still a solid game overall and Hero Mode is sill fun even to this day.

  7. The graphics, visuals and soundtrack are amazing. They fucked up gameplay though which is the most important thing

  8. i remember selling this game back at gamestop the say day i got it(day 1) and piss me off cuz i got $40 back, i sold it cuz the combat was garbage it feel like a mobil game like mkx or injustice.

  9. you know if they could ad bt3's gameplay or raging blast 2's gameplay add this graphics with how the attacks look it and the roster of bt3 and raging blast 2 combined it would the best dbz game ever

  10. this game had the potential to be the best dragon ball game they just could add the fighting style from raging blast 2 the character list from budokai tenkaichi 3 and the graphics and the story of this game are oke

    who agreed with my opinion

    (sorry for my bad english)

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