Etymotic Gun Sport PRO

Etymotic Gun Sport PRO


Etymotic Gun Sport PRO

Gunsport: a new eSport coming to Xbox One through ID@Xbox

“There is no more war. There are no more gods. There is only the game. For the passion and the fame – it’s two guns against the world.”

Gunsport on Xbox One

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  1. Tried it at PAX South and it wasn't half bad… i wouldn't pay more than $5 for it but i enjoyed playing it for a couple matches

  2. Please please please DON'T be in Games with Gold. I don't mind that games like this exist, even though I doubt more than 5 people around the globe will buy it cause it'll be released about 20 years too late. But something like this for Games with Gold would be disappointing, I wouldn't even download it.

  3. at first i was like yes good we need some cyberpunk games then i was like (sigh of disappointment) aghhhhhhhhhh

  4. nooooo porque gastan plata y mente en juegos taaaaaaan feos…… mejor q c dediquen a otra cosa

  5. Xbox, as you can see the community is very disappointed in this game. Coming from someone who absolutely adores every xbox exclusive game and indie game, this game (in my opinion) doesn't even look worth downloading if it were free. I'm not trying to insult the developers, but when we chose xbox, not only did we choose it for the most exclusives, but we chose it for the most quality exclusives too which so far you have more than satisfied us esspecially with future releases. I know I shouldn't be complaining but I just want a game to look forward to for being free every month, all I ask is that If this must be a free game for a month, that you at least add another with it to compensate.

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