Home Playstation Games F.3.A.R (FEAR 3)- Contractions (Zombie Survival) Gameplay PS3 (HD) Part 1/2

F.3.A.R (FEAR 3)- Contractions (Zombie Survival) Gameplay PS3 (HD) Part 1/2


F.3.A.R (FEAR 3)- Contractions (Zombie Survival) Gameplay PS3 (HD) Part 1/2

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 1: http://bit.ly/rrHrX9

This is Mission 8 from the Battlefield 3 Single Player Campaign. I will be doing an entire Battlefield 3 Single Player Campaign Walkthrough so feel free to subscribe to my channel if you are a first time viewer.

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Battlefield 3: Walkthrough - Part 12 [Mission 8: Fear No Evil] (BF3 Gameplay) [360/PS3/PC]


  1. Does anyone still play this? It looks like so much fun, I just got the game & when I try to play there's no one online hell there's only 1 person if you're lucky 🙁

  2. dude i have a question , is this a DLC mode
    or its in the game when u complete it
    pls reply

  3. Yes you can, I got the game a couple of days ago and its nothing but FUN. Theres online, online co-op, and offline co-op. You could play split screen campaign and split screen game modes.. and just in case if u dont have anyone to play with.. You could play SOLO! Its a brilliant game and its underrated.

  4. I have a question:
    Does this game support 2-4 player co-op offline multiplayer modes, that include AI bots? Does it have co-op campaign?
    Does the other FEAR games have any co-op offline multiplayer with AI bots, or co-op campaign? I'm asking for offline modes with AI bots specifically because my friends and I find games funner when we can team up, and play games together while hangin out at the same place.
    Thanks for any replies.

  5. @ClassicalSerrana The reason people say it's awful is because it has changed a lot from the first and second game, it isn't original as it was anymore. The reason is because it is developed from a different developer of the first and second game in which were much better. I agree it isn't an awful game, but it sure as hell is a disappoint.

  6. @TheCollectiveX Im thinkin of buying this game….people talks awful about this game…but i think it's funny and it has good quality of graphics…Can you tell me your opinion please? thank you

  7. Shit shit shit, Shit, shit shit shit, shit shit, shit shit shit, shit shit shit SHIT, god damn it! lol I love the AI's extensive vocabulary.

  8. @ChilledN0va depends what consol ur getting it on but in my opinon yes but if you wnat real scares get fear 2 or fear 1 but honestly this is the best it has survivle modes and also xoboxlive and ps net work is great its really fun im buying it on PC

  9. America is the real terrorist in this game did u hear Him say that they call them terrorist yet America comes to their country to kill them I respect America but I just heard dat

  10. You're a worthless piece of shit, and you obviously have a bullshit sense of judgement…Cunt

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