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Gamestop Refurbished Playstation 3 Unboxing


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Gamestop Refurbished Playstation 3 Unboxing

How Much Will Gamestop Buy My PS3 For?


  1. Im getting a refurbished one from gamestop i ordered it Its 80 GB will it play my ps2 games?

  2. Hahaha! The laugh is the best. I will never buy refurbished PS3 just because the logo is missing lol. This video helped me make my decision, thanks!

  3. GameStop is rigged I bought my PS3 for 600 dollars and they"ll only give me 40 dollars for it

  4. That ps3 was $255 trade value in 2009
    now that same ps3 is only worth $25-40 trade in value in 2016.
    I did bet back in 2006 or 2007 they would give you around $300 or $400 in store credit that was when it was around $$500-600 now they are only selling it for $80-140

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