God of War Saga Unboxing (PS3)

God of War Saga Unboxing (PS3)


God of War Saga Unboxing (PS3)


  1. I redeemed the included voucher for the Origins collection and bonus content, yet didn't download them right away as I planned to later. Went to PSN store to download them later and the games are there but the bonus videos are not, where are the bonus videos stored so I can download them?

  2. I have a question. With all the God of War games and discs released like God of War Saga, God of War Collection, etc, will they all be same games like on your trophy list or when you save the game, will it carry over the data to your HDD no matter the which disc it is for like the same game? Like for example, if I wanna play God of War 1 on the collection version and I save the game, will it also leave me off of where I was in the game if I put in the Saga disc version?

  3. At the back of it, it says it is compatable with DTS Digital Surround. The god of war HD collection only went up to Dolby Pro Logic 2. If I got this saga collection, will ALL of its games have that DTS compatablity

  4. you do know that there is no box..and if you know that why would put unboxing on the title

  5. I would of brought this god of war saga if it was all on one or two disks but it isnt, one disk for 3, 1 n 2 on the other, and a voucher? probably skip this and get god of war volume 1n2 and 3 as its separate any ways and so much cheaper  

  6. So what game saga should I pick up, ( A gamer who wants a few platinum's, wants a FUN game to play, and who dose not really care about graphics)? God of war, Rachet and clank, or infamous? And should I get it pre owned or brand new?

  7. So u have to download Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta? If so, do u play them on your PS3 or PSP??

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