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Good games coming out for ps3/4?



  1. GTA V

    The Witcher 3

    Watch Dogs

    The Order 1886

    Metal Gear solid V

    Infamous second son

    The elder scrolls online

    Fifa 14

    Dragon Age: Inquisition


    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

    Battlefield 4

    The last of us [ already out but GOTY for sure ]

  2. Definitely “The Last of Us”

    Received a 10/10 rating by most gaming sites and the BEST game I have ever played. What’s special about the game is that you don’t rely on the game, the game relies on you! The game is puzzling and requires a bit of thinking to get you out of a situation.

    You HAVE to buy this game, the graphics, story line, game play. All are perfect.

  3. Saints Row IV. For PS3. August

    Splinter cell blacklist. For PS3. August (maybe)

    GTA V. For PS3.

    Killzone. PS3,PS4. November

    Infamous second son. PS4. November

    Watchdogs. PS3,PS4. November

    Lost Planet 3. PS3. August

    Batman Arkham Origins. PS3. October

    Beyond two souls. PS3. October

    Lightning Returns FFXIII. PS3, PS4(maybe). February ’14

    FFXV. PS4. 2014

    AC 4 Blackflag. PS3, PS4. Q4 ’13.

    Gran Turismo 5. PS3. Q4 ’13

  4. This one is already out., but it has great graphics and it’s about zombies. Its about 20 years into the future. I have been playing it and it’s really fun but also puzzling too. It’s called the Last of Us. It’s a great story and if you already have it I hope you enjoyed it!

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