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GTA 5 Xbox One & PS4 Provisional Release Date Set For Nov 1st? (GTA V)


GTA 5 Xbox One & PS4 Provisional Release Date Set For Nov 1st? (GTA V)

GTA 5 PC & GTA Online Release Date Speculation – PS4 GTA 5 Online Release Date Timeline! (GTA V)
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GTA 5 PC, PS4 & Xbox One Release Date Speculation - Next Gen GTA 5 Release Date Timeline! (GTA V)


  1. You cant pronounce croydon to save your life. Its croy like troy and don like london croydon. Im from london so i know.

  2. Laugh! The store is called GAME and the store is – in – Croydon. It's a chain and is in most cities/large towns.

  3. If it comes out blackfriday I will sleep outside gamestop to get it! I hope our gamesave transfer over!

  4. Also this Nov 1st is like Dec 31st that GameStop posted. This game has been ready for awhile only waiting for the sept 17 anniversary. There will be a BIG 1st day patch for radio and heist/zombies!

  5. Rockstar has a reputation for releasing their products not around holidays. Spring or Fall is what they shoot for. Since fall is getting closer and we have no idea when GTA 5 will be released for next gen. My money is on it getting released spring 2015.

  6. I'm gonna buy a new console, but I Don't know which I should buy of the Xbox One and the PS4! Can anyone Please help me?

  7. So the only thing that was remotely interesting in this video: Did you win the raaaace??;)

  8. GAME Croydon is just a GAME shop in Croydon, London. There are GAME stores everywhere in England

  9. I have both Xbox obe and Ps4 system's for my opinion I think it would be better on Ps4 just saying but Xbox one is a really good system.

  10. Do you guys know about that one South Park episode where cartman really wants the wii and he can't wait any longer so he tries to freeze himself to sleep to bypass time and have butters unfreeze him when the wii is finally out? That's how I feel right now.

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