Hard Reset Redux Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch

Hard Reset Redux Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch


Hard Reset Redux Review


  1. i have an — i5 6500, 8gb ram, EVGA GTX970 SSC … when i first launch the game (hard reset redux) the temp shoots to 90+ `c. the fans shoot to 100% … i`ve tryed lowest settings and even windowed modes. i`m not even in the game yet and per Afterburners OSD… the heat blows the roof off. i can play other games such as MAIZE, Battlefield 3, COD`s, and other GPU demanding games. does anyone have a solution other than thermal paste… as that is fine. no i am not water cooling at this time. thanks for any help.

  2. Hey acg, I know this might be a hassle, but I would recommend giving Time stamps on the different categories because I personally always skip the graphic part because I don't care about graphic that much. So time stamps would definitely help.

  3. So the particle gun is about as annoying to your ears as the chainsaw from the original DOOM or The Bane from Borderlands 2?

  4. I understand you said "wait for a sale" and right now it's 75% off on steam and yet, after watching your video I think I am gonna pass. Especially because there are so many great games out there that I haven't play that came out in the past 10 years because my system wasn't powerful enough then but I can finally play now. I will play those instead.

  5. got this on special today on PSN for $20! Thanks for recommending it. Best reviews from this guy!

  6. I bought the original for 99p in the sale and just finished it, it was very average, for the price fine but really nothing special. I can pick up the Redux for £2.99 but I really don't see the point, it looks the same and I honestly don't want to play it again.

  7. I'd never touched nor would rent it at it's retail price, but I waited for a sale and bought it for $1.49 :).

  8. Awesome, honest, objective and professional work as usual, thank you kindly for this review, I think I'll pass on this one

  9. ACG, great job on the review man! I'm a new viewer, and now subscriber because of the loads of information you give along with a little humor! I really appreciate that, so you'll definitely be getting a thumbs up from me and I look forward to viewing your other videos.

  10. I love your reviews man but you seriously criticised this for being basically a linear shooter. I hope you rated DOOM as a wait for a sale in that case! lol

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