How do I beat the first Giant spider looking thing you encounter...

How do I beat the first Giant spider looking thing you encounter in gears of war for xbox 360?



  1. [url is not allowed]

    there is the best strategy guide i could find.

    when he goes to crush you with his leg move out the way and shoot his stomach then his neck. Do this a few times, then you’ll see some things on either side of the platform hes on

    shoot them and he falls in. MUCH simpler than it looks.

  2. I’m guessing your talking about the Corpser you face in the underground.

    Stay at a good distance, and keep Hammerbursting/Lancering the corpser when he lifts/moves his legs away from his face. His eyes/mouth and stomach are the points you essentially want to aim for.

    After about a minute, Dominique will yell something along the lines of “Wretches!” and a group of five or six wretches will come from assorted areas and attack. Deal with them with a butt, or a few well placed shotgun blasts or automatic fire.

    Once you’ve pushed the Corpser back far enough, a notice will appear, Press Y and you will look at some sort of platform securers. Shoot both of them, one on the right, and one on the left and the platform you have pushed the corpser on will disconnect from the ground and the Corpser and platform will fall into the lava. A cutscene will occur, and you’ll be able to continue on through the underground.

    Hope I helped, and other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. shoot the spiders mouth then shoot the belly

    then hell move back

    Do the sam thing 3x

    until the spider is on the pltafor

    then shoot those locks that holds the pltform

    itll fall.

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