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How do you use Xbox live for call of duty modern warfare 2? please help!?


I just bought a month membership for Xbox Live and I put in my disc for Modern Warfare 2, clicked Xbox Live and there were no games i could play in? how do i join a game because i was at my buddys house once and i was in a game with lots of people, also i have the gold membership. this is so gay just what the hell am i supposed to do to play my freaking live this is ticking me off ive been trying to figure this out for 2 hours now. tell me how to use live please thank you

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  1. are you serious?!?!?!?! anyway after xbox live you should see options to choose game types choose one and wait to find players u usually dnt find players insantly

  2. Well first: are you connected to xbox live. Second did you even type the code off the back in. Third Go to multiplayer, then Xbox live, then find a playlist u want and have fun

  3. You don’t go to system link you go to multiplayer from the menu. then go to find game then choose your game type. It will then search for others players wanting to play the same game type. System link is when you have to xbox’s and you want to play on both of them with some friends so you create a local game. NOT for xbox live.

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