How is MLB 09: The Show (PS3)?

How is MLB 09: The Show (PS3)?


Is it about the same as last?

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  1. I heard that Road to the Show is a lot better. Online is kind of laggy but good.

    Franchise is really good but if you are a casual player and don’t want to pay attention on playing Franchise, it’s going to be a bit complicated.

    They added a lot on Franchise, even small things that you really need to pay attention for. The Graphics are a lot better and the small things in the gameplay makes the game look really like real life.

  2. MLB 09: The Show is only good on an HDTV. I heard the lag is really bad online, but I’ve yet to play online because i’ve been having connection problems. Road To The Show is really cool. Being able to import your own music is the best thing about the game, in my mind.

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