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How to Watch a Blu-ray Movie on Your Xbox One


How to watch a blu ray on Xbox One

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How to Watch a Blu-ray Movie on Your Xbox One


  1. I don't get how installing an app would make a system suddenly be able to play blu ray unless the system already had those capabilities to begin with. The mechanics would all have to be there already so having to install this app is odd to me.

  2. so what if I've downloaded the app,and moved to a place where I haven't established internet yet…I still have the app but I can't launch it and it requests that I'm online

  3. Can someone answer my question please does the blue ray play all blue ray dvds and do we need Internet to install it or not. I hope not. And can we play original xbox games on the xbox one I think we can thanks if someone answers

  4. I've noticed that blu-ray films are not running smoothly at 24p on XBOX
    ONE (like it would do on PS3/4). Is there something in the video settings I have to play with to fix this?

  5. Does the app require internet access to run? I have had my xbox one since January and haven't used it except for playing Fallout 4 and GTA 5. I really want to know. I live in the back woods of Florida and so I have to drive miles to use the internet in my studio 🙁

  6. Just like playstation nex gen consol you can't even play a blu ray without having internet to download software…..hmmmm why wasn't just there in the first place wtf!

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